<![CDATA[My Site - Blog]]>Sat, 23 Jan 2016 00:49:26 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Turku Taxi Providers]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 06:10:55 GMThttp://finlandin.weebly.com/blog/turku-taxi-providersTurku is one of the major and oldest cities of Finland. It is famous for its historical places and culture. Transport system of Turku consists of public and private transport. There are numbers of private transport companies operating in this city.
Euro Taxi was established in 2013 as mobile app. It is one of the biggest taxi companies in the world operating in 165 cities of 41 countries. Its fleet includes taxi, wheelchair accessible cars, minivans and executive cars. It is famous for timely airport pick & drop services. For booking, you can visit Euro Taxi official website.
Cab Force is one the finest transport providing companies in Finland. It is offering wider range of transport services including airport transfer, train station transfer, Business service, restaurant service and many more. It is interesting to know that it has fixed charges so that you can plan your trip according to your budget. For booking, you can dial 0600 41 902 or visit their official website https://www.vr.fi
Lounais-SuomenTaxidata Oy is one of the largest taxi companies in Turku. It is offering reliable and comfortable services with more than 400 taxis in Turku. Their fleet includes wide range of vehicles i.e. passenger cars, minivans, taxi, wheelchair accessible cars, station wagon and minibus. It is providing its quality services 24/7 for its valuable customers. For booking, you can contact 02 10041 or visit their website http://www.0210041.fi/
Taxi Caller is one of the leading online taxi dispatch system. It is providing comfortable and reliable transportation services 24/7 in many cities of world including Turku. With the help of their online system, you can easily track the location of your taxi or distance from your destination. Its booking procedure is very convenient i.e. you can easily book a cab by downloading Taxi Caller mobile app on your mobile phone or you visit their website for booking http://www.taxicaller.com/
<![CDATA[Turku’s incredible River, Cathedral and Airport]]>Thu, 04 Jun 2015 07:02:16 GMThttp://finlandin.weebly.com/blog/turkus-incredible-river-cathedral-and-airportTurkuis the city on Finland’s southwest coast situated right at the Aura Rivermouth. This is an old town, as old as 13th century so this is the oldest city of Finland. In history in 1809 when the area was taken over by Russia, the capital of the then Finnish Grand Duchy of Finland used to be Helsinki. This city has been an important populous city and regional capital too. That is why the visitors look for historical traces in museums. This city has also been the capital of Estonia and also designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2011.

Being right on coast and having a river, Turku has been an important passenger and commercial seaport too because each year more than 3 million passengers used this port going to Mariehamn and Stockholm. Turku population in 2014 was 183,811 making Turku 6thsixth largest Finnish city. 5.2 percent of Turku population identify themselves as bilingual andhaving mother-tongue as Swedish.

Turku has 245 square kilometers area of land, covering both banks of the river. Cathedral of Turku is situated on eastern side andthe place is called tälpualjokke meaning thereby "this side of the river", whereas the other side is called toispualjoke translated as "the other side of the river". The center of Turku is very close to river mouth, spreading on both sides of the river.

Turku Airport holds IATA code as TKU and is just 8 kilometers north[3] of Turku city center. The airport serves around 450,000 passengers annually and this is the 4thbusiest airport within Finland.The state-owned company Finavia operates Turku Airport. Part of the airport is designated for budget travelers. LogiCity is a region promoted and developed with logistic concept creating a logistic hub around this airport. This facilitates integrated cargo handling and transportation to several destinations.

Turku is all prominent on the Baltic Sea largest archipelago, as Turku has been is Finland’s previous capital and the oldest town, its special presence on the Gulf of Bothnia while facing Sweden ensures strong linguistic as well as historical ties with its Scandinavian neighborhood. Turku is therefore, Finland’s Christmas City, with festivities starting in December and continuing till mid-January.